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Furniture hinges

Furniture locks

Shutter accessories

Garage hooks

Various technical

Latches and bolts

Wood connectors

Sliders and felts

Furniture accessories

Door hinges


TV brackets

Furniture fittings

Door accessories

Table legs


Ropes and chains


The concept: "optimized reassort and consumer choice facilitated"

  • TekniBox is a concept that was created at the request of customers who wanted to improve the performance of the technical hardware department, through optimized radius management and an easy choice for the consumer

  • A relatively young concept (created in 2007), and unique in Europe, it is now adopted by many customers in Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal.

  • Numbered bags or blister packs: easy and error-free reset

  • Clear segmentation by "color-blocking"

  • Better density and profitability per linear meter (more than 1200 references available)

  • Easy choice for the consumer (illustration of the function of the products)

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